Wednesday, September 4, 2013

It's (groan) Back to School time!

It's that time of year again and I have to say, I am not looking forward to it.  I can't stand coming up with cold lunch ideas daily, dealing with the hustle and bustle that goes along with getting children out the door by a certain time, the millions of papers that he brings home, fundraising (it's hard for me to sell things I'm not interested in), and homework.
I have the child that has said almost since day one, "I don't like school!"  Learning, Yes!  School, No! And, with the education system the way it is now, I can't say I can blame him.  School is not what it used to be.  Kids have to take a placement test for kindergarten, I mean, how ridiculous is that?!  He did fine on it, but nowadays if you haven't sent your child to preschool or homeschooled them, they may not be ready for kindergarten.
Children aren't given as much time for recess, gym, lunch or free time.  The curriculum just keeps being added to and I feel bad for the teachers because they aren't allowed to be as creative because their reviews as educators are contingent upon the scores students receive on standardized testing.  My son's first grade teacher once told me that she liked to take her students for a walk in the afternoon, especially during the fall and spring months, so the children could have a break and learn about nature, at the same time...she had to stop because social studies was added to the curriculum and she didn't have time for that anymore.
Anyway, my child is what one might call a kinesthetic learner.  He learns best through "doing."  So, for him having to sit in a chair for hours (literally, the children have multiple reading lessons for 2 1/2 hours) is torture.  Needless to say, the principal and I are on a first name basis.  Our current school system is a horrible fit for HIM.  I say that in caps because it is not a horrible system, there are some great teachers, he goes to gym 3 times a week and music twice a week (our budget has been cut, but not as much as in other systems.)  Private school is not an option at this time, nor is homeschool (been there, done that.)
So, today was the start of another year.  I will continue to be optimistic, like always, that this time will be better and we won't trudge through another year.  This year he's going into the 5th grade and its his last year of elementary school.  I was excited and sad.  The Boy is definitely growing up, as he should, but a part of me wishes I could keep that sweet little boy forever!

Do you look forward to back to school time?  How do you prepare for it?  How was the first day for your children?


  1. Enjoyed your post, I can totally understand where you are coming from. Back to school time for me is actually very exciting and my son looks forward to it. He misses his friends and was looking forward to seeing what electives he would have this year. But in reality I think he just wanted summer to be over so he can start the football season,I knew there was a catch! He is now in the 7th grade,I think once they get to middle school its easier on the parents as far homework and all the paperwork. They become more independant which is bitter sweet.My son attends a technical academy grades 6-12, he does complain that his eyes get tired because everthing is computer based, thank goodness for P.E and music class!The good thing is the sooner school starts the sooner its over and pretty soon...voila!, they are in college. They grow so fast, this summer my son grew taller than me! A new school year represents growth, I embrace it!...But I feel you :o)