Thursday, March 20, 2014

Daily Make Up

I love makeup as well as the natural look.  I have found as I've gotten older that achieving the natural look without any makeup doesn't look as great.  Here is my easy, daily makeup routine.

Get your eyebrows manicured.  They frame you face and even if you just like to wear lip gloss, having them done makes you look more polished.   I prefer threading, but whatever floats your boat.

Wash your face with your daily cleanser and pat dry, but leave a little moisture on your face and neck.  I use Neutrogena Naturals facial wash daily and Jason apricot exfoliant twice weekly during the Winter and more often in the warmer months.

Moisturize your face and neck.  In the Winter, I use Jason Vitamin E 25, 000 units moisturizer.  In the warmer months I switch to something lighter.

Moisturize your lips.  I use Vaseline cocoa butter.  I am addicted.

If you do this everyday, or a similar routine, your skin will love you for it and will look great.

Make Up
First I apply concealer under my eyes and to my eyelids (it helps to keep your eye shadow on), then to the sides of the base of my nose and anywhere else I need concealing.  I use a make up sponge to apply it by gently dabbing it into my skin until its blended.

Next, using my kabuki brush I apply bronzer to my T zone.  I usually skip this in the summer because I have a tan and that area is highlighted already.

Then I apply a pink or coral (or whatever color would look fab on you) to the apples of my cheeks.

Lastly, I curl my lashes, which makes a huge difference and apply dark brown/black mascara to each eye.  Then I brush my eyebrows.

Some days I may add a little pizazz with a purple or turquoise eyeliner or some gold or taupe eye shadow.

I usually have this done in about 5 minutes and like the subtle difference.
Au Natural

Make Up

  What's your daily routine like?


  1. Lately I've been enhancing my natural look too! I use kiss aqua bb cream. I apply eyebrow gel and blush.ll lipgloss and I'm done!

  2. Yes, lovelyCee! It's all about less is more sometimes!

  3. I recently started using the Kiss Aqua BB cream also, I did not even know about BB creams until there was an article on it a few months ago in Essence and it makes a whole lot of difference with out the look of caked on foundation. Its light fluffy and hydrates the skin and has SPF in it. I agree,the totally natural look on the face gets a little more challenging as you age. I have had to increase my facials over the past year to keep my face fresh looking and have also started using a skin toning cream to get rid of dark circles and blemishes and it works wonders. So much work being a woman, lol!