Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Date Night

This past weekend was my husband's birthday and we decided to spend it in NYC.  Despite the blustery weather, we had a wonderful time.  If you go, you must check out the Highline in Chelsea.  It's    old elevated train tracks that have been renovated and made into a park, of sorts.  Anyhow, having grown up in Chelsea, I remember sneaking up there, when it was just old tracks with overgrown weeds and garbage.  It's amazing and inspiring to see what they have done with the space.
Read the link below for more info:
I digress, we watched the sunset, which was beautiful.
Upon exiting, we decided to cut through the Chelsea Market, to warm up and check out the stores on our way to Ninth Avenue.  I love this place, there's a lot of small restaurants, and gourmet food and wine shops, as well as, a book store, Anthropologie and since they have some open spaces, there is often a pop-up shop or pop-up gallery!  Since we had a long night ahead of us, I had an espresso-YUM!

Next on the list was Rosa Mexicana, for guac and drinks.  They have wonderful guacamole and prepare at your table, so its always fresh.  We rushed out of there, trying to make a movie..its was too crowded, so we decided to go the next day.
Instead, we went and had dinner at Spice. I love this restaurant.  They serve Thai food and have the best deal going.  The food is delicious and their prices are very reasonable.  I had the Bangkok garlic and vegetables with shrimp, its my favorite dish.
After that we headed home and crashed.  The next day we saw Gangster Squad....AWESOME movie!
And, lastly, we stopped at Billy's for birthday is complete without cupcakes!

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