Monday, March 11, 2013

Brunch at Standard Tap

The other day, we went to brunch with friends.  Initially we were going to my favorite brunch spot Green Eggs Cafe in Philly.  They got there ahead of us (of course, I am always running late) and called to say that they were waiting, but the line was so long, they were waiting outside.  They have a 3 1/2 year old, so needless to say, waiting for an hour was not an option.  My friend suggested another place down the street, Standard Tap.  I was not thrilled.  For starters, its a bar and she mentioned that there was no wait for our party of 7 group, which is unheard of at any good brunch spot on the weekend.
In light of our situation, lack of time, not wanting to move our cars and the lack of anywhere else that was close by, we decided to go.
When we arrived, they seated us at a lovely table by the window, so there was tons of light and we had tons of room, which is important when you are carting around a stroller.  I couldn't get my fav, an americano but the coffee was yummy.  We took forever to order, because I was waiting for a menu and didn't realize it was written on a board on the wall.  A few of us ordered the Standard Eggs, which included eggs your way, breakfast meat, fried potatoes and a biscuit.  Idris ordered the french toast with blueberries and my friend's husband had the french toast with pear butter.  The food was soooo good!  I  completely forgot to take pictures, before I had consumed most of my food, sorry!  The potatoes were awesome, the biscuit was big and reminded me of home, and the pancakes were fluffy.  By the time we were leaving the place had filled, so I guess we just got there at a good time.  My only complaint was that they only had pork products for their breakfast meat selection and we don't eat pork.  I actually find that so irritating.  In 2013 there are far too many vegans/vegetarians/non-pork or beef eaters for restaurants not to have options, but I digress!
If you are in Philly, check out Standard Tap website.

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