Monday, March 25, 2013

My Saturday

Saturday was a lovely day, great weather and all!  I finally figured out how to use my griddle without the pancakes sticking and whipped up some pancakes and apple chicken sausage for breakfast.  My family demolished them!

Then I met up with my friend and her daughter to go thrifting.  I am on the hunt for a table for the front door, so we hit up a furniture space.  Unfortunately, I didn't see anything. Next up we checked out a fabric store and I found some fabric to make some curtains for my bedroom.  I will post about those later.

Then we checked out this children's consignment shop.  My friend found some cute short overalls for her daughter.  It's a great space and has awesome prices.

Lastly, we went to the Treehouse Play Cafe.  Its an indoor play space and they also serve food.  The baby attempted to crawl and I can tell in about a month or so, it will be a great place to go meet up with other moms.  Also, my egg salad sandwich was awesome.

The day ended with a game of Monopoly and some yummy cream soda floats.

I do so love the weekends!

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