Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring is in the air

Spring has officially sprung!  I am so happy, I only enjoy the cold months for a short time.  Every year its like I am rejuvenated by May.  The older I get, the more apparent that feeling is.  I definitely get that Spring cleaning jones.
So far, I have redecorated my living room and cleared my son's closet of outgrown clothes/shoes.  I still need to sort through the attic and clean out my filing cabinet.  Those projects are daunting, so I moved on to something fun, repotting my plants!
I ran out and grabbed some clay pots, plastic trays and some organic potting soil.  We had beautiful weather last week, so I put my Lana Del Rey playlist on Pandora, threw Mena in her walker (which she loved) and got to work outside on the back deck.
I repotted my house plants and bought some parsley, jalapeno peppers and strawberries and potted those also.  A friend mentioned the strawberries would do better in a different planter, so I've got a project planned for next weekend.

Has Spring brought about any changes for you guys?  Are you growing any herbs/veggies/fruit?

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