Sunday, May 18, 2014

Waiting for baby...

So, I haven't posted in forever, simply because I had been so busy with work and caring for an energized toddler coupled with complete exhaustion!  I have recently gone on maternity leave, which has been great, and have finally been able to tackle my multiple home projects.  Its funny how many things can pile up when you are busy.  Plus, with the new arrival coming very soon, I had to do some organizing and clearing to make room.
As of now (I am due in a week) everything is ready and I have nothing left to do but complain!  Nature has a way of erasing the annoyances of the end of the pregnancy from your mind.  I forgot how miserable I become at his point.  Sleep is a joke, my energy has left the building, heartburn is constant and the mix of contractions, back pain, and cramping (which tease you that the big day is imminent) are all the culprits!  Also, to add to the mix, I have a super clingy toddler this go round, so everything feels that much more annoying.  As I mentioned before, I am an L&D nurse and I totally get why these women are coming to the hospital constantly, hoping to be in labor.  Alright, my venting is over!

What things did you guys do when waiting for labor to occur?

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