Friday, March 1, 2013


So glad its Friday!  I am looking forward to my weekend.  Brunch with friends, going to the art museum and my mom's coming to visit, which will probably lead to an impromptu date night!  Which we are in dire need of.  I look forward to the weekend because the stress and grind of the week finally comes to a halt and I can enjoy my son without the stresses of making the bus, homework and after school activities.  Although, baseball is starting in a few weeks.  Anyhow,  I usually make a big breakfast one of the days and we lay around in jammies and bum around watching TV, listening to music and surfing the web during the cold months.  Not to mention, I can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee and read my magazines, when she takes her morning nap.  Once springtime hits though, I make everyone get dressed and we head out to the farmer's market early.
We usually plan to do something-a museum visit, hiking/biking or hanging with friends.  Our evenings consist of movie or game nights and some fun dinner like tacos, burgers or BBQ!
How do you guys spend your weekends?

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