Thursday, February 28, 2013

Nuts for nuts!

Pecans, almonds, pistachios, walnuts and of course cashews, are my personal fav's!  I have PB&J sandwiches at least twice a week and must hit up the Nuts 4 Nuts street vendors whenever I'm in NYC.  Sadly, I think its all coming to an end....sniffle, sniffle.  A few weeks ago, I developed this horrible case of chapped lips.  Nothing seemed to be working.  A co-worker mentioned that it was possibly a nut allergy.  Desperate to cure this, I gave up my beloved, candied pecans.  The following day, finally brought relief.  I thought it must have just been coincidence, so I had some more and the following day, the itchy, burning, dry lips returned.  Awww man!  I tried this same elimination test with a PB&J sandwich and vanilla almond granola and the same thing happened.  So based on my "very scientific" testing, I have self-diagnosed myself with tree-nut allergies.
I am not used to this idea at all.  Yesterday, at work in an attempt to eat a quick snack, I grabbed some peanut butter and crackers!  Then, I wanted some candy after lunch, I grabbed a peanut chew!  Needless to say, my lips are not appreciating that at all.  I have scheduled an appointment with an allergist and will keep you updated.
Its crazy, so many adults are being diagnosed with food allergies now.  It really makes you wonder what is going on with our food source.  Has anyone else developed a food allergy later in life?

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