Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Brunch at....Sam's Morning Glory Diner

My sister is in town and it was a gorgeous day and let's face it, really any excuse is a good reason to go to brunch.  This time we settled on Sam's Morning Glory Diner.  I had heard about this place a long time ago but never made it over there until yesterday.  It was midweek, so no wait thankfully.  We decided to get the Challah French Toast and the Eggs Your Way platter with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, roasted potatoes, cinnamon apples and a G-I-G-A-N-T-I-C biscuit!  I also had some coffee, which was served camping style in a tin-style mug.  The meal was yummy and the biscuit was out of this world.  The french toast was served with a strawberry sauce which tasted super fresh.  I brought the baby some sweet potatoes and she got to sit in a high chair and munch on those, which made for an even nicer experience since I had a free lap finally!  The food and service was good and I will definitely go back.  And just an FYI for those who chose to go, this establishment is cash only, there's an ATM across the street though just in case.

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