Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hiking in Valley Forge State Park

A few weeks ago we went hiking with my mother and in-laws.  It was such a nice time being out there amongst the trees and babbling brooks.  We went on the path to Mt. Joy. and got to see some ruins from an old root beer factory and a covered bridge, which is rare out here.  I didn't realize it was as much of a climb until I took over carrying Mena in the pack when my husband's foot started bothering him.  I won't lie, my legs were a little sore for two days.  My son thoroughly enjoys the outdoors and is quite the explorer.  I wish I had his fearlessness.  I guess I do slightly because I am terrified of snakes but I force myself to go wander in the woods.  Anyway, on the descent I saw this fallen tree and thought it would make a great photo for the photo wall, too bad I didn't have a tripod so Mena and I could have been in it.  Either way it was a great shot and a great day.  We will definitely have to plan another outing like this.

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