Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This weekend was awesome!  My homegirl, Andrea, came up to hang out and have some girlfriend time!  We checked out The Roots Picnic, did a lot of walking and sweating, my God the sweating, had some food and drinks over at North Third and enjoyed ice cream at my favorite parlor in Philly before meeting up with my husband and friend.
The next day was equally as awesome and included brunch and a stop at the Brooklyn Flea in Philly.  There were so many fab vendors, Questlove was DJing and little mama slept through most of it.  Andrea bought a rug and a table and I got a cute scarf.  Its going to be a weekly event, so if you are in the area, definitely check it out.  Here are some pics from our cracks me up that the picture of the two of us is hazy and blurry, its reminiscent of the atrocious weather!

How was your weekend?

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