Thursday, May 9, 2013

Let it Go

Working is for the birds!  I'm over it at the moment and I still have at least 30 more years to go.  It feels like such an interruption in my life.  I think its mainly because I have the baby and I'd rather be at home doing home stuff.  Some folks think I'm nuts.  They can't imagine being at home all of the time and prefer getting away from the kids.  I understand that too, but getting away from them to go to a 9-5?   I do like my job, thankfully, but I want it all!
I was getting that overwhelmed feeling again.  I felt like the day to day tasks were piling up.  Planning things on paper made it all seem do-able.  However, that didn't take into account the days I was tired or my child was at home sick from school and I was busy taking care of him or my normally chilled out baby was cranky and wanted some extra snuggling.  I kept trying to keep some semblance of a neat and tidy home and having dinner made at a reasonable time, while trying to do things that were enjoyable, but I couldn't.  At least not all the time.  I ended up feeling like I was working all day and never getting anything accomplished.  I know women that are able to maintain it all...but how did they do it?  I wanted in on the secret!
Then like a ray of light, my husband said to me, "Just leave it.  Stop worrying about doing it all."  Something so simple had such a huge impact on me.  I felt like it released me from my own unrealistic expectations.  This is the only time the kids will be this small and I want to look back on this time with enjoyment.  Its okay for my house to look lived in and not something out of a magazine.  I can have days that I lay around and do nothing.  In fact, its good, I am in better spirits and have energy for the children.  Now, the entire house is not clean all at the same time and if I do laundry, but its not folded for a few days, who cares?!  The kids are fed and clean and most importantly my family is HAPPY!

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