Tuesday, February 26, 2013


So, going from one to two children has finally hit me.  I can admit that I am overwhelmed by it all.  I am assuming (and praying) its because she is an infant and that eventually I will develop a system.  I am the type of person that likes to check things off my to-do list, to help me feel like I've done something.  In the meantime I am just going with it.  What seems to work the best is picking one chore to accomplish for the day, not running a million errands (because she's miserable if she misses her naps), and cooking an easy meal during the week days.  Otherwise, I am working all day and have no time for the baby, my son, my husband or me.
I am a super planner and have found it most helpful to assign a chore to each day of the week and make sure I have girlfriend time set up at least once a month, as well as, a family activity.  This weekend we are  heading to the Philadelphia Art Museum and I have a brunch date planned with my friend.
I am a Libra, and we represent balance, so hopefully I won't let my sign down!  How do you guys manage it all?

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