Thursday, February 7, 2013

Date Day

Each week, Mel and I try to set aside some time for us.  Pre-baby we would go to lunch or coffee while Idris was in school, free babysitting!  Nowadays, our daytime dates are more of a threesome.
Today, we grabbed some coffee at one of my favorite local coffee spots, Espressit,  I found it kind of funny that one of the baristas from the competition was there as well!  Anyway, we had our usuals, an Americano for me and a soy chai latte for the non-coffee drinker.  They have great treats there as well, like muffins, cookies, strata and soups. The owner makes them fresh, daily.  We split a pumpkin muffin topped with pecans.  She also showcases local artists, which is cool.  This week happened  to be my son's art class teacher.  Also, their bathroom has a beautiful mosaic artwork in it, which I forgot to get a pic of, oops!
Little mama was chillin' at first, until I realized she needed her diaper changed.  First problem, no changing area.  Problem #2, she got tired and refuses to sleep anywhere besides her crib, so we ended up rushing out of there.  Lastly, note to self, whenever your baby goes up a size in clothing remember to change out your spare diaper bag outfit, so your child doesn't end up wearing shorts in the middle of winter!
This week was a bust!  Today's lesson:  our dates have to be better planned and totally revolve around Mena's schedule.

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